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Selena Gomez Was in Rehab Last Month!

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Yesterday, reports surfaced that Selena Gomez secretly entered rehab at The Meadows recovery center in Arizona, for a two-week emergency stint in early January.

selena gomez no makeup

Her stint in rehab came shortly after she cancelled the Australian leg of her 2014 tour to, “spend some time on herself in order to be the best person she could be.”

It was first reported that Selena entered rehab for “exhaustion” and being “broken hearted”. This was confirmed by Selena’s very own rep, this is what her rep had to say:

“Selena voluntarily spent time at Meadows but not for substance abuse.”

But, according to a source close to the singer, Selena was dealing with issues with alcohol, pot, and experimenting with prescription drugs Xanax and Ambien. Here is what else the source had to say:

“Her friends and family became increasingly worried that there might be a serious problem with Selena. Particularly, her parents. The partying was, at times, wild. They wanted to help her — and they very much encouraged her to go to rehab. Others very close to her also urged her to seek professional help.”

It was a surprise to hear of Selena’s stint in rehab, but I am happy she took the time to get the help she needed. Thankfully, she has her family and close pals like Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift to lean on. Now she just needs to stay away from bad influences, staying away from an ex-boyfriend of hers sounds like a good idea to me.

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Chris Brown Throws Rock at His Mom’s Car, Must Return to Rehab For 90 Days

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Chris Brown can’t keep his temper in check and he went to rehab as a PR stunt but the plan backfired. Christopher left rehab after 16 days and his lawyer said it was to complete his community service hours, but TMZ’s stalkers have found out the real reason why Breezy left so early – he was kicked out!

 Chris Brown

Brown went to rehab after he and his bodyguard were accused of beating a man in Washington, DC. Chris was arrested for felony assault, which was downgraded to a misdemeanor, and then he checked into rehab for anger management. Chris’ team said that he was in outpatient therapy.

“The Probation Dept. notified the judge that Brown flew into yet another violent rage while he was in a Malibu rehab joint for anger management, and was thrown out of the facility after only 2 weeks.  The Probation Dept. recommended live-in anger management rehab.

The judge agreed with Probation, and ordered Brown to check into a facility for 90 days, and the facility must be in L.A. County and approved by Probation,” TMZ reports.

The judge is allowing Chris to fly to D.C. for hearings on his criminal assault case. He must also submit to drug testing at the rehab facility. He must also take any prescriptions recommended by the rehab facility. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!

And finally “The judge also wants a report on the D.C. incident … something that could result in Chris getting his probation yanked in the Rihanna case … which could then result in prison time.”

I swear to gawd, this will never end. Breezy will keep f–king everything up. SMH. He needs to hurry up and move to another country and regroup.

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Chris Brown In Rehab For Anger Management

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Chris Brown is doing what many celebrities do for PR purposes – he has checked himself into rehab. Brown was arrested for allegedly punching a man in D.C. over the weekend.


Breezy’s attorney, Mark Geragos, is the one who took him to a rehab facility in Malibu. Brown’s rep issued the following statement: “Chris Brown has elected to enter a rehab facility. His  goal is to gain focus and insight into his past and recent behavior, enabling  him to continue the pursuit of his life and his career from a healthier vantage point.”

L.A. County’s probation department is investigating to find out if Chris violated his probation last weekend. Chris met with the probation department yesterday, TMZ reports:

“We’re told it’s likely the Probation Department will determine that Brown violated his probation, and a judge could sentence him to as much as 4 years in prison.”

Brown’s mom and girlfriend were with him when he checked into rehab.

“Geragos and the others went  to dinner after dropping Chris off.  The rehab move could  show a measure of good faith and contrition.”

Good luck!

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Zac Efron Entered Rehab Twice in 2013

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Zac Efron’s drug use was more serious than many could have ever imagined. Efron didn’t check into rehab once, he was in rehab twice just this year alone.

Zac Efron 2013 pic

After a “major relapse,” TMZ is reporting that the popular actor returned to rehab get help for his cocaine addiction. Zac has been battling an addiction to cocaine for more then two years, but has taken his obsession to another level with the use of Molly.

So what are the reasons behind Zac’s drug use?

Sources close to the star revealed that his strained relationship with his parents, concerns for his movie career, girl issues, and the wrong group of friends contributed to Zac’s alleged addiction.

Since his relapse occurred while shooting Neighbors, Zac’s friends revealed that the knew there was a problem. “[Zac] realized he needed outside help,” sources to Us Magazine. “He reached out for it and is doing great now.”

“He is in a good place,” they added. “He’s clean and he’s happy. He’s a good kid!” Another friend chimed into the conversation and said, “He just needs to find himself.”

It sounds like he’s off to a good start. Getting help when you need it is what being a good role model is all about.

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Zac Efron: Cocaine Addiction Led Him to Rehab

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Excuse me while I pick my jaw up off the floor. For all of you who were taken by surprise after reports that Zac Efron completed 5 months in rehab, you are definitely not alone!

Zac Efron 2013 screenshot

Efron secretly checked himself into rehab at the beginning of this year to treat his addictions. While E! News was the first to reveal the news, TMZ unveiled the real reason behind his five-month rehab stint. It was the nose candy!

Sources revealed that Efron’s problems with drugs spiraled out of control while he was filming his latest movie, Neighbors, starring alongside Seth Rogen. He was known for missing several days of filming on set, “it was a common knowledge he was struggling with cocaine,” a source connected with the film confessed.

But cocaine wasn’t the only drug Zac couldn’t seem to get enough of. Three other sources say he dipped into the Molly pool occasionally and had a hard time getting out of it.

Today, Efron is reportedly “healthy, happy, and not drinking. He’s taking time to focus on working.” Zac was recently spotted walking the red carpet during the Toronto Film Festival to promote his role in Parkland, a John F. Kennedy biopic.

Considering that Cory Monteith checked in and out of rehab and then overdosed, we’re hopeful that Efron will kick his habits for good. Checking into rehab, and letting the public know about it, was a courageous move on the young actor’s part. We wish him nothing but the best!

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Lamar Odom Enters Rehab

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They’re trying to make Lamar Odom go to rehab and he’s actually saying yeah, yeah, yeah. Khloe Kardashian’s husband has reportedly checked himself into rehab to treat his drug and alcohol addiction.


“He realized he needs help,” a source said to People.

But this isn’t Odom’s first run in with substance abuse.

Back in 2001, he was suspended from playing basketball not once… but twice, after violating the NBA’s drug policies “I just couldn’t control myself in L.A,” he admitted. “The lifestyle that I was living and the things I had access to.”

This time around, Lamar’s drug problem doesn’t only affect him, but also his  reality star wife. It was just last Friday when the 33-year-old was picked up for driving under the influence. But the arrest was just the cherry on top of Khloe and Lamar’s rocky marriage.

Last month, Khloe was caught walking out of the gym without her wedding ring on, sparking rumors that the couple’s relationship was heading towards a divorce. The cause behind their martial problems… Lamar’s drug problem, and probably the fact that two girls claimed to have had an affair with him?

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Lindsay Lohan Not Ready to Leave Rehab

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Lindsay Lohan is less than 24 hours away from officially completing her 90-day stint in rehab for the first time ever and she’s apparently too afraid to leave.

Linds Lohan

But, I don’t blame her. I give her about 24 hours in the real world before she starts using again.

However, sources close to LiLo claim that she is requesting to stay longer, because she is not totally ready. “Lindsay has told them she will stay another 3-4 days because she feels she needs a transition period before re-entering the free world. We’re told she’d like to stay in a ‘lower level, sober living house’ which she believes will help her recovery,” TMZ reports.

Well I have to stay I’m quite impressed she managed to finish the 90 days, let alone wants to stay an extra few days. What’s another 72 hours really going to accomplish?

While we’re hesitant to believe her, several sources connected to the former Disney star say they’re “shocked” at her behavior this time around. One source told TMZ, “It’s like invasion of the body snatchers. She’s a different person.”

Apparently a 90-day stint in rehab has made Lindsay a changed woman. She’s finally ready to put her past to rest. I’m just not ready to believe her just yet. One step in the outside world and LiLo could easily revert back.

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Farrah Abraham Kicked Out of Rehab for Being ‘Disruptive’

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Former Teen Mom 2 star Farrah Abraham was released early from her 10-day stay at a high-end rehabilitation center in Florida, because even the professionals can’t put up with her disrespectful attitude.

Farrah Abraham 2013 magazine

According to Radar, the 22-year-old porn star was asked to leave due to her “disruptive influence” on other patients at The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach Gardens.

The sad part is, she only had two more days before she would have completed the course. What on earth could Farrah have been doing that was so disruptive that they couldn’t handle her for two more days!?

Well apparently the deranged star got into an altercation with a nurse, tried to take photos of other patients, Tan Mom, during group therapy and was caught bullying fellow patients and workers, who reported her to management, Radar previously reported.

Wow, Farrah. Just wow.

“She will still graduate from the program, but in less time than it typically takes because her behavior became challenging,” a source told Radar.

So basically they’re letting her graduate early so they don’t have to put up with her behavior any longer? I kinda don’t blame them.

While they tried to throw her a$$ out earlier, she begged them to let her stay and was rewarded a second chance so she could get the help she needed. However, leave it to Farrah to disobey orders, per usual, and cause another debacle involving paparazzi to take photos of her, according to an insider at Radar.

While it’s no doubt the fame hungry reject needs help, she can’t expect to get it acting the way she is.

“At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life. I’m 22 and I want to make better choices and ensure I can recognize when I am putting myself in a bad situation next time.”

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Lindsay Lohan Spends 27th Birthday In Rehab

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I can think of about a million other better ways to spend a birthday, but spending it in rehab is definitely not one of them. Fortunately for Lindsay Lohan, her 27th year of existence was spent in the confines of rehab, which enables us to guarantee only one thing: it will be one of the first birthdays she has celebrated sober.

Lindsay Lohan has been

According to Radar, Lilo celebrated her birthday at Cliffside Rehab Center in Malibu with her one and only true BFF, attorney Shawn Holley. The two bonded over some much needed ice cream cake that was so generously donated by Carvel.

“Lindsay shared her birthday cake with the other patients, which everyone enjoyed. Lindsay seems to be in a very good place, and is responding very well to treatment at Cliffside,” Radar reported.

Surprisingly Lindsay didn’t put up a fight when the facility denied her request to leave the premises to “get dinner” with her friends. Visiting hours at Cliffside are only on Sundays and the facility wasn’t willing to back down regardless of the circumstances, TMZ reported. The birthday girl was rather pissed, but managed to make the best of it, an insider told Radar.

Luckily for Lohan, attorneys are able to visit at anytime.

According to an insider, Lindsay still has about half of her sentence to complete before she can leave Cliffside, “she is scheduled to be released at the beginning of August.” One more month Lindsay. You can do it!

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Farrah Abraham Checks Into Rehab for Alcohol Abuse

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Farrah Abraham is desperately trying so hard to be relevant. The ugly former reality star did a porno with one of the most famous porn stars, pretended that she could have been preggers from her sex tape sex, tried to hook up with Charlie Sheen and got bigger breast implants. That’s all within the past few months!

Farrah Abraham loser

Now Farrah has checked herself into rehab for alcohol abuse. Farrah is 22 years old and she’s a mother. She’s been an alcoholic for how long?! This chick also asked another guy to pretend to be her boyfriend so that she could do Couples Therapy on Vh1. She’s so tragic.

Hey Farrah, when Radaronline, a site that allegedly pays its sources handsomely, is the only major outlet reporting your rehab story, there’s a problem.

“At this time in my life, I need to stay focused on the positive to get through all of the negative that a DUI has caused in my life,” Farrah tells Radar. “I’m 22 and I want to make better choices and ensure I can recognize when I am putting myself in a bad situation next time.”


Farrah was given six months probation and must complete an alcohol education course as a result of her DUI arrest. Farrah’s dad will be taking care of her 4-year-old daughter Sophia while she’s away.

said the talked-about star, who was placed on six months probation and ordered to complete an alcohol education course as a result of the arrest.

Gurl, NO ONE CARES! It’s time for you to put out a pop album next. Getting a DUI and going to rehab is so 2010.

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Brooke Mueller Checks Into Betty Ford To Hang Out With Lindsay Lohan

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What do Lindsay Lohan and Brooke Mueller have in common? Well, they’re both a the Betty Ford center and they both are somehow connected to Charlie Sheen.


Both ladies are staying in the hospital wing for the rehab center and apparently, they’ve already run into each other. As well all know, Brooke is there after going on a bender and putting her kids in jeopardy and Lindsay is there because she just has too many problems to list. Both have been to rehab multiple times.

I would love to know if these two hang out and talk about drugs and the Sheenius. They both probably have some crazy stories and I’d like to think that they would support each other while seeking treatment.

To think that Linds and Brooke are checked in and Charlie Sheen isn’t… If he can get it together, so can they.

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Lindsay Lohan May Lose Adderall in Rehab

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Regardless of Lindsay Lohan’s Adderall prescription, or the fact that she claims she has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (just like I claim she has Compulsive Lying Disorder), she’s supposed to be in rehab. How productive does one really need to be!?

Lindsay Lohan and a puppy

Apparently it was arranged for the troubled star that she would only go to rehab if she was allowed to take the med (along with her cigs and a bunch of other illegal drugs against rehab policy). Fair enough. It’s Lohan, we can’t expect too much from her.

She probably needs all the Adderall she can get with the amount of chores and “work” she’s required to do.

Sources from Radar reveal that the former Disney star is being treated like everyone else and is no longer given the luxury to sleep in. “Lindsay’s days of sleeping in are now over. She is woken up everyday at 6:30 a.m. via announcement over the intercom in her room. All of the patients hear the same announcement, and are expected to be in a meeting room before 7 a.m.”

We’re also told that Lindsay is expected to do daily chores, the real strenuous kind, like stocking refrigerators and organizing her medicine cabinet.

Li Lo has also completed the all-important 48-hour detox, minus the exception of her Adderall of course. “She is adapting to being back at Betty Ford and is very reception to the care plan that has been created for her,” an insider previously told Radar.

And luckily the 25-year-old actress is being restricted to the hospital wing of the BF center and unable to walk out or leave on a “pass” to go hit up the club scene like her previous stay at the center.

All in all, it seems the troubled celeb is making some progress. They better not take her Adderall away now.

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