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Shanna Moakler: ‘Breastfeeding is Incestual and Sexual!’

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Shanna Moakler thinks that breastfeeding is “gross.” The former beauty queen and mother of three was caught leaving a birthday party at the Emerson Theatre in Los Angeles last night when she was stopped by TMZ reporters to give her two cents worth on breastfeeding. And boy did she give it.

Shanna Moakler breastfeeding hater

While most mothers see it as a natural process for mother and child to bond, Shanna sees it as
“incestual and gross.”

“I just look at my breasts as, like, sexual,” the model told TMZ. “It’s gross. I don’t like it,” she

Some things are just better left unsaid …

Moakler has recently posted the following Tweets in her defense:

  • You know what I love about America. we are all free to have different opinions and what’s good for you may not be for another.
  • If You choose to breast feed I think that’s wonderful and I celebrate the women who can do it and choose too. It was NOT for me.
  • This has been a heated debate for decades…end of the day, it is a woman’s PERSONAL choice and it should be respected. #formula4life
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