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Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz’s ‘The Other Woman’ Trailer is Here

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Kate Upton has moved her way up from starring in Carl’s Jr. and Super Bowl commercials to co-starring in a movie with Cameron Diaz. Kate’s The Other Woman isn’t your typical chick flick and it doesn’t feature needy women trying to get a guy to put a ring on it. Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann and Kate star as “the lawyer, the wife, and the boobs” and they team up to teach the guy they’re with a lesson. Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga’s boyfriend Taylor Kinney also star in the movie! Check it out below.

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Lady Gaga Reveals Black Thong in Sheer Bodysuit

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Most actresses in Hollywood consider showing off their ass a wardrobe malfunction, but to Lady Gaga it’s more of a fashion statement.

gagataylor081213- (21) Pacific Coast News

The fame monster was escorted out of the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood by her boyfriend Taylor Kinney, on what looked to be an intimate date night for two. However, what boyfriend would be okay with his girlfriend showing off her bra and underwear in a jewel-encrusted, sheer bodysuit is beyond me.

Kinney had to feel a bit overdressed with jeans, a hooded sweatshirt, and hat. However, he didn’t seem to mind his gf’s wardrobe for the night. He must be pretty use to it by now.

While she without a doubt has the body to pull off such an outfit, I don’t know how she does it. One minute she’s dressed like she’s headed to the circus, the next, she’s dressed for the strip club. It’s quite the drastic change.

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney: Wedding Date Set?

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Lady Gaga and her man candy boyfriend have been rumored to be getting hitched for almost their entire relationship. Gaga is really into Taylor Kinney and he’s into her money too.

Taylor Kinney nude, Lady Gaga

Gaga injured her hip and has been living with Taylor in Chicago while she recovers. Due to her cancelling her world tour, she has plenty of time to become a Mrs. now.

Gaga’s BFF Lady Starlight said: “She’s told me he’s the one and you know that instantly when you see them together. They were made for each other. At first I thought he was too hot to be cool but now I think he’s totally awesome.”

To find out when they may be swapping I Do’s, visit Diva Whispers.

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Taylor Kinney Praises Lady Gaga’s “Great Work Ethic”

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Lady Gaga's model turned actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney had another interview where he talks about his iconic girlfriend.


Taylor tells The Sun: “I look up to a strong woman, maybe that’s why I fell for Gaga. She works incredibly hard and is very strong and inspirational with a great work ethic.”

The Chicago Fire star says that his mother wants him to get hitched and make some babies.

“She’s met Gaga, we’ve been dating a while, we’re in a committed relationship and I’m really happy in my relationship. I’m a very lucky guy."
I can really see The Gaga and Taylor getting married if they don't burn out from having a long distance relationship. They both seem pretty crazy about each other.
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Taylor Kinney: Photos of Kevin Severide of Chicago Fire

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Taylor Kinney may be the sexiest star of NBC’s “Chicago Fire.” In his personal life, he’s dating Lady Gaga. Kelly Severide, aka Taylor, used to model and has had small acting roles but it seems that his face is taking him places.


Taylor’s pretty cute and he looks great when he’s shirtless.

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Taylor Kinney: Lady Gaga’s Boyfriend Says His Relationship is “Normal”

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Taylor Kinney was on the Today Show yesterday to promote his new show on NBC, Chicago Fire when he was asked about his iconic girlfriend, Ms. Lady Gaga.


Taylor said that dating the Gaga is normal, yeah right. Gaga's manfriend didn't want to give many details about his relationship with Mother Monster. This was the first time I've seen TK give an interview. He sounds dumb, but he's pretty hot and seems like a decent guy.

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